Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World


How's it goin?

A couple of months ago I engaged in one of my favourite activities, I went out for a pint.

Adam was up visiting so a night out was in order. We headed into town to met a few people, we hit a couple of pubs and decided to head to a newly renovated pub on Belmont street. It was my round so while the others got a seat I headed to the bar.
And it was at the bar I saw her.
The most beautiful girl in the world.
This is NOT a picture of the most beautiful girl in the world, This is a picture of Aders in a wig. I don't have a picture of the most beautiful girl in the world. I didn't want to ask her for a photo. I'm not a weirdo.

She was stunning.
Absolutely stunning.
It was like when Captain Kirk saw a beautiful girl and the tv went all misty. 
That’s what it was like. 
She was amazing. 
Time slowed down as I gazed upon this pinnacle of womanliness. It appeared to be her first day on the job, one of the other bartenders was showing her how to pour a pint properly. That’s something I would have been glad to help her with. She eventually came to me and asked for my order. At this point I lost the ability to speak. My brain had turned to mush, my mind filled with images of myself and this girl living a long and happy life together. She was amazing. Eventually I managed to mumble out my order. She poured our drinks and I slowly returned to the table.

The other guys at the table had also clearly noticed this girl.

And for the next two hours she became the main topic of conversation. All 5 of us were slightly in love with her. She was amazing. The majority of the night was spent discussing various chat up lines and whether they would work on such a woman. But she deserved more than one of our crappy chat up lines and we all knew it. Even the polar bear line was not good enough.
Closing time was rapidly approaching, the beautiful girl was going round collecting empty glass’s. She came to our table and I had already collected them into one handy pile for her to pick up.

She clearly appreciated my work.

"Thank you." She said and smiled at me. 

But so much more was conveyed in that "thank you" than just a simple expression of gratitude. It was a greeting, it was her way of saying "How you doin?" It was her way of saying, lets go back to my place and get it on!
Clearly she wanted me!
A few minutes later she returned to collect the last of the empty glass’s from our table. It was at this point that Sean spoke up and said,
“Do you know you’ve been the highlight of our evening?”
“What?” She replied.
“Basically we’re all a little bit in love with you.” I said.

At this point she took a long hard look at everyone gathered around the table.

Clearly she was trying to decide which one of us she was going home with that night. I already had an advantage on the other guys as she already knew me, I was the guy who handed her the stack of glass’s. I was the guy she was already fantasizing about. Surely that gets me a few extra points.
We all sat with baited breath. What was she going to say? Who was she going to pick?

“How old are all of you?” She said with a hint of disgust in her voice.

She never went home with any of us that night.

Her loss.

That's All For Now 

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