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Back to school: Year 2 Week 2

How's it goin? 

So my second week back at school had an early start. I got a phone call from my guidance tutor at 8:30 am. 
Yes you read that properly. 
8:30 in the morning!
Who call's someone at that in the morning! 
That's mental!
I had to go into class at 9 instead of 11. 
I was raging.
It was for an ILP, which is a 10 minute chat you have to have with your guidance tutor about your progress in college. I arrived at 9:15, not bad considering I was only given 45 minutes notice.

He asked how the course was going, I thought this was weird as I'd only been back a week. What did he want me to say?
Some of you may know that last year I was in a real financial crisis, fortunately the college was able to help me out and give me some free money, which was nice.  This year I should be a bit better off money wise as I get a £1000 grant as I have been supporting my self for the better part of a decade. Nice.
I asked my guidance tutor about my options for next year, this has been causing me a bit of stress as I have absolutely no idea what's gonna happen in june when I'm done. He said he's gonna have a presentation about options for next year, including information about uni's and such like.
If it lives up to his previous presentations I am sure it will be thrilling. (SARCASM WARNING)
After my 10 minute chat it was time for my work experience class, which involved another 10 minute chat with this tutor. This time we discussed where was available for my work placement and where I would like to go.
A couple of places in Aberdeen do sound alright, and I sadly am gonna be stuck in aberdeen for this placement due to insurance reasons  with the college. Which sucks.

After this ten minute chat, I found an excuse and went home for a nap. 
That evening I went to Althea & Ivano's for dinner. After being viciously attacked by grappa the crazy dog, eating a very nice dinner, and drinking a lot of wine. A decision was reached. 
I am moving in with them.
They are after extra cash to help decorate the house and it's cheaper than my rent. It works out well for all concerned, plus they can both cook. But they do have an insane dog.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on Facebook and CLICK HERE

On Wednesday It was all go  at school. All morning we were in the studio doing the alphabet song.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

The above video is a very different version from ours in class. Our version was sung by Pery Como.
The way our version works is, you have three stands which are manned, and three camera people.

The letters on the stands must be changed in time  to the song, and the correct letter must be displayed on screen at the correct time. It sounds easy but it is all directed remotely from the gallery and all instructions go via a floor manager on a headset.
It sounds easy. It's not. You need to be exact in your timing and your team needs to be on the ball. Most people get to around H and make a mistake. 
Out of our class 10 out 17 got the whole way through. Which apparently is a record. Our teacher was very impressed with all of us, so much so that we warranted a mention in her BlipPhoto Blog. 
I didn't get a turn directing on Wednesday due to lack of time. It's just as well, I wanted a Red Bull in me before I did mine.

After playing in the studio all morning we had our script writing class. I was looking forward to this, as last week our teacher was not in school as he was off filming on location. I was really keen to talk to him about some of my ideas and ask for any advice he had.
He was not in school again.
I left about an hour into class and said I was just gonna work in the library. I was very annoyed.

Thursday is a day off for me, I decided to go and fix my bike. Last week I went for a cycle to my parents house. I hung about for an hour or so and ate any free food that was going. On the way home I got about a mile away from my folks house and the tyre burst! I was raging. I had to walk back to my folks place and dump the bike in the shed. Anyone who follows my on facebook or twitter will no doubt have noticed I have been cycling a lot recently. I lost a stone in my month at Tapas Towers and I am determined not to put that back on. 

I went to the bike shop and bought myself a new bike hat.

A puncture repair kit and a new pedal. I broke the left one last week, 

that's just how hard I cycle. I take it to the max!

It was at my parents house where I undertook a momentous challenge. I would fix my punctured tyre, MYSELF!

It took me over and hour and a half, but I did it!
I felt quite proud of myself.
While I was waiting for the glue to dry in my inner tube, I of course raided my parents fridge. That's what parents fridges are for. I was quite concerned when I saw this on the fridge shelf.

Yes, that does appear to be hair wax in my parents fridge next to a jar of Asda's own Tartare sauce. I am starting to worry about my parents sanity. Why would they own this? 

Tartare sauce is minging!

Oh yeah, and the hair wax is weird, especially considering my Dad is bald.

Then came Friday, and it was my turn to direct the alphabet song. I had my red bull, and the pressure was on. I was going first, and several people by this point had already got all the way through. And I do have a reputation. My reputation is that I am a rude, grumpy arrogant bastard who is always right, so I had to get all the way through, if I didn't I would never live it down. 
I started off well, but I stumbled. I only made it to E.
Fucking E!
What the fook is that!
I was gutted. I had let myself down, I had let the crew down, my reputation was in ruins.

Fortunately this was only the rehearsal.

On the "Live" broadcast I got all the way through.


Yeah, I'm awesome!

After we all had a turn directing our tutor then announced the prizes for all those who got through from A to Z.  It was a fancy directors hat. However, our teacher obviously thought more girls would get through the song than actually did. So a couple of us got awarded pink hats.

I may wear it all the time.
Here are some photo's from our busy week in the studio.

And here are a couple of video's I shot with my eye phone. If you can't see the video's below then you are a moron, I've told you before, stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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