Sunday, 5 September 2010

Back To School: Year 2 Week 1

Hows it goin? 
So as the title of this blog post suggests, this week was my first week back at school.
The week started out with a fantastic powerpoint presentation. By fantastic I mean crap. It was all about what to expect in our second year, and was given by our guidance tutor Philip. At one point he said the phrase,
"Why am I showing you this? I don't know."
Philip if you don't know, we sure as hell don't.
After that we were told that we did not need to attend the class in the afternoon and that guidance would only be once a month. This means on Mondays I am only in school for an hour and a half. This is for my work experience class, a class which I am already disappointed in. This year we get to go on a work placement and this class is to organise that. Sadly Aberdeen college only let you go to a limited number of places, all within Aberdeen. I am gutted about this. Was really keen on getting some decent work experience but it looks like this might never happen.
Tuesday I am not in school and spent the whole day sitting. It was a busy day.
Wednesday is my full day. 9am until 5pm, a full day of school. It was exhausting. Wednesday is pretty cool tho. We have multi camera, which involves directing and working in the gallery and vision mixing and lots of other exciting stuff. Which is fun.

We also have this class on a Friday afternoon, it seems to be quite intense. For this wednesday we have to put together a script for the Alphabet song which we will film and direct. It sounds quite simple but in reality will be quite tricky. We all take a turn in directing which means barking orders at people to tun cards and change camera shots and cue up the right camera at exactly the right second as this is being recorded as live.
I tried to find a video of what I need to do to show you an example but couldn't.
Here's something even better. Its Captain Picard Singing the same song!

I am not in class on Tuesday and Thursday and I'm meant to spend that time writing scripts and planning the various movies i have to make this year.
This week I have not done that. I've done very little. I have effectively taken this week off. I am still recovering from my month of hard work at Tapas Towers. Plus I'm really lazy. That will all change as of Monday. Monday I am getting my arse in gear, I've had my lazy week and now it's time to work.
I've also been working at the new and improved Vincents this week. It looks very nice. Those of you who know where it is should come in for dinner sometime and see me. Call first. I don't work everyday.

That's about it for my first week back at school.
Fun and games. I'm looking forward to next week and playing about in the studio again. 
In other news this week I also RELEASED MY FIRST BOOK!
Hell yeah!
Have you bought it yet?
If not, why not?
I really need the money.
And it's a very good book.
Anyone who does buy it I will be happy to sign it for you!
It contains all 50 letters I wrote and some of the adventures surrounding them.  I am planning on giving a free copy to the owner of the former sandwich shop Mother Tuckers. (It's changed to a sweet shop now.) I'll let you know how that goes.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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