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Back to school: Year 2 Week 4


How's it goin?

This week was a short one, on Monday at my work experience class we were told to research some potential jobs we would like and then report our findings back to the class in a couple of weeks. Apparently we have the coming Friday and next Monday off.
No one told me this.
I spent Monday morning writing the fundraising email. I have yet to receive any donations, but Adam did leave this comment.

I'll give you £1000 to streak down Union Street, Isn't that quite a long street? I will also pay your bail money! I will let you know of my chosen time soon! AP

Some of my class spent the time more productively.
This was meant to be a C.V.
How this can be considered a C.V. is beyond me. It appears to be a picture of a cat, a pig, some hearts, a penguin and Scott. (he did this very good music video)

Tuesday I spent sitting, and catching up on TV.
It's new TV week in the states. Meaning that all my favourite american TV shows are back on telly. This kept me amused for a few hours. I was quite keen to watch the re-vamp of Hawaii Five O, especially considering it stars someone who got my blog so much traffic. It was alright, not fantastic, but alright. After telly I had a fun filled evening at Vincents, by fun filled I mean dull. At one point in the evening I over heard a customer saying,

"I really fancy the banana pavola. But I don't like banana's, and I don't like meringue."

For those of you who don't know, a pavlova is a meringue.

As regular readers will know Wednesday is rapidly becoming my favourite day of the week. I spent the morning in the studio doing more interviews. Our class is particularly large, its the largest second year class that has ever existed. This is because our course leader says that we are the best ever. This is of course true, we are all awesome! Well most of us are. Ok, maybe not most of us, but some people. Because our class is so large, our teacher sometimes struggles to find us a job in the studio, it is an activity with a finite number of jobs. Three camera people, interviewer, interviewee, floor manager, director, sound, vision mixer, lighting. That's ten jobs, and with 18 people in the class, it usually means a few of us are sitting about with nothing to do. So our teacher tries to assign us new jobs. With the first interview of the day about to begin I was assigned the role of VT engineer.
Hell yeah!
I'm not gonna lie to you. I was excited. VT engineer! That sounds like a proper job, that sounds like a hell of a lot of responsibility, that sounds like at least £100,000 a year. I was already considering putting this in my CV!
Then I found out my responsibility.
Yes, that said responsibility, singular.
Not responsibilities. Responsibility. One single job.
I had to push play to run the opening credits.
That was it.
My imaginary £100,000 a year job turned into the job you give to the special kid who usually eats the crayons. But I pushed that button the bestest!
After my exhausting stint as VT engineer, I once again took the role of interviewee. The interview is meant to be several bog standard questions about life in Aberdeen college. I once again went slightly off topic and talked extensively about how I would like to remake the film "Liar, Liar" with Jim Carrey. I then talked about how I accidentally joined the TV course as I wanted to be shepherd but I filled out the wrong form. None of this was particularly funny to anyone except myself, but that's all that really matters in the end!
After my stint as interviewee I took on the role of Assistant floor manager, which involved standing wearing a headset, and very little else. It was a challenging role.

In the Afternoon we have our production meetings and script writing class. Our team has chosen the name Quick Productions, because that's how we operate, we don't waste time. It only took us a week to come up with that name. We had a very good meeting where we discussed our ideas and next week when we meet we need to have paper work ready to go. After our production meetings we are left to our own devices, to get on with paper work or get script writing. Our lecturer, Peter, is taking the time to examine our films from last year. The Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen hosts a student showcase twice a year. This features student films from Aberdeen college. I nominated my film as I think it would be awesome to see my film in a proper cinema, how cool would that be? I'd wear a tux, and drink champagne, and walk down a red carpet, and sign autographs, and pose for pictures for the paparazzi. All because my film was to be shown in a local cinema. As regular readers will know, I hate my film. I have seen it approximately 300 times and I can no longer stand the thing. But I wanted to see what Peter thought of it and to see if he thought it had any chance of being shown. Only the good films get put forward for the student showcase. He was not our teacher last year so he has not seen any of our films, and his opinion means a lot to most of us as he is very talented. He sat down to watch mine, and I was crapping myself.
What if he hated it?
What if he watched it, hated it, stood up and slapped me in the face as hard as he could?
What if he expelled me from the course for making such a crappy film?
I was very nervous.
He put on the headphones and watched the film, I went to the other side of the class so I didn't have to see the look of hatred on his face. I asked KP to distract me, anything to stop me thinking about the impending disgust that Peter was going to express.
This is what KP did to keep me amused.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

13 minutes and 58 seconds later Peter finished watching my film.

"Very good, I'd be very surprised if that doesn't get shown."


I was incredibly chuffed at this! He did suggest a couple of places where it needs to be tightened up, and I agree. I'm hoping to get some time in the edit suite in the next couple of weeks to make a few minor changes.
So with any luck, sometime this winter my film will be showing in a cinema near you!
Especially if you live in Aberdeen. If you don't then not so much.

And so ends another week in the re-education of Andy G, I have friday off due to a holiday. I have promised myself that I will spend this time productively. I will write scripts, I will d some paper work, I will start the big essay I have to write, I will start packing as I am moving house in two days.

On Friday I woke up around noon, and wrote the majority of this blog post. Then I caught up on some more of my favourite American TV shows. I promise I'll do something productive soon.

Here are some photo's from the week.

 Maija hard at work in the Gallery

KP has been inspired by my book, so she has started to write some letters of her own. This is one she is writing to Kev the technicians Fiancee asking her to let him go skydiving.

Becca demonstrates the proper way to sit on a chair
She then got a bit bored and decided to graffiti Laurences arm.

He seems pleased

 Laurence conducting the interview

 A couple of the girls in my class saw this truck and laughed. 
How childish.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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