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Back To School: Year 2 Week 6 "Book Look"


How's it goin?

I awoke unusually early, as anyone who has ever shared a room with me attest, I am not a morning person. But on this morning I was full of energy. I woke up and had time for breakfast, and a cup of tea. And I even managed to get to school early. I turned up at 10:30am! Yeah. You read that right. 10:30 am. I was particularly proud of myself. Unfortunately the class didn't start until 11. The only other person waiting was the really annoying girl, I had a choice, I could either stand about here for half an hour waiting for the tutor and make small talk with this girl, or leave. I kept myself amused in the computer centre for half an hour then headed to back class.

Monday is work experience class, we are meant to be working on a C.V. and a cover letter for a potential job when we leave college. We had done this last year for another class, so I updated my address and did very little else. I then returned home to watch Top Gear and Dragons Den on Dave. Just another manic Monday.

Tuesday was yet another hectic day off. I watched Alan Partridge on DVD and ate some pizza.

Wednesday was back in the studio in the morning for yet more 1 on 1 interviews. Almost everyone has had a chance to direct now. Last week the teacher told us we can change up the script if we like and add in some of our own video footage. No one chose to do this. 
Becca was volunteering that day as a hair model for the hair and beauty department, so she disappeared around 10am and returned an hour later looking like this.

She had to keep those curlers in for another 3 hours. I found this very funny! This didn't stop her from working though.
Here she is hard at work on the lighting desk. By hard at work, I mean sitting. 

In the afternoon my production crew (Quick Productions) were filming Ian's 3 minute wonder up in the hair and beauty studio. This year we have to produce 3 short films. A 3 minute wonder, a pet hate and a "big" project. These can be on anything we want, factual of fictional. I am doing two factual and one drama. I think. Ian is doing his 3 minute wonder on make up for the movies. Filming for this was relatively simple. We took two camera's, positioned one on a static shot from a high angle and one on the dolly which I operated, so we could change up the shot with ease. Scott got put on lighting duty, a job he clearly enjoyed.

Here's a pic of Becca getting her make up applied.

Not being someone who uses make up on a daily basis, I was curious as to why it was so dark. Was she going to be Batman or something?
I did ask the woman applying the make up but she ignored me.
Ian in many ways is a genius, his is the first 3 minute wonder to be filmed in the class, and it was incredibly easy to film. Now comes the edit which will be a bit harder and the voice over. But once again Ian has made a good film in a quick and easy way. His film last year was very good and again was a short shoot which was not overly complicated. The man is a genius, whether or not he is an evil genius remains to be seen.

I don't want it to look like I'm taking it easy here. Far from it. I have a hell of a lot of work to do. And I do need to let my tutors know where I am. We can't just go in when we feel lie it. We missed class to film but we had to check in with our tutor first. I also arrived at this class early and found myself a tad bored while waiting to get in. So I made KP a hat. 
I think she liked it.

After filming We returned to class to let our tutor know we were done and then headed off, but as I was leaving I noticed that there were post it notes all over the halls.

This was on the door at the bottom of the stairs.

And this was on the hand sanitise machine thing.

I did wonder if perhaps the college moral officer had posted these everywhere in order to lift our spirits. Then I remembered I spotted KP with a pack of post it notes earlier and it all started to make sense.

Friday was my turn to direct in the studio, and I was looking forward to it. I did rise to the challenge set down by our tutor, I changed the script for the interview. Instead of an interview about life at the college, I did a show called Book Look, the show where we take a look at a book. 
This was of course a show all about my book! 
Any excuse for a plug. 
I think it went quite well. I enjoyed myself and that's all that really matters in the end. Things did not go exactly as planned but I was happy enough with the result, once I get a chance I'll get into the edit suite, jazz it up a bit and let all you wonderful people have a look.
The performance of the day however has to go to Stephen, who introduced us to "Wild Willie Whipass" 
This was both hilarious and terrifying!

The director of this particular interview was incredibly nervous. Don't know why though, this was not an assessment, it was just a practice to get used to directing a multi camera environment and to get used to the equipment, who gives a shit if you fuck it up? I certainly didn't. She was perhaps right to be nervous, as she did do a  bit of a balls up job of the thing, showing the guest when nothing was happening and camera shots that made no sense. But at the end of the day who cares. It's just a practice. Who gives a shit?
This was certainly the attitude when it came to the last interview of the day when the director, Scott, decided to go a little "off book." One of the camera men, invented a move called "the shark." This basically involves moving the camera round the back of the presenter and zooming in on the guest. During the interview Scott the director gave the command, "release the shark." It didn't pan out exactly as planned as you could see me in the back ground scratching my arse, but it was fun none the less. 
And so ends another week in the re education of Andy G. Who knows what new and exciting challenges will await me next week, probably nothing particularly exciting, which will no doubt lead to an equally dull blog post this time next week. 

That's All For Now

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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