Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Last Friday


How's it goin? 

It's October Holiday this week, which means no school for me. I also decided to take a week off work. 

My holiday essentially started on Friday Night. I was technically "working" But I did very little. Vincents was not particularly busy and I had agreed to work down stairs in the club so the Club manager could get away early. Despite what some people say I actually am a nice guy sometimes. 

I was on the rota to start at 5pm in the restaurant, I have told my boss that I am in school until 5pm so I will get to work asap after class. I arrived at 5:02pm, two minutes after the restaurant is meant to be open, to find the front door wide open but no one in the restaurant and nothing ready for service. This is what happens most days now. When I was full time manager I would have went mental in that situation. These days I don't really care. It's quite relaxing really.

After a slow and dull service, I was forced to take a booking at 9pm. I hate taking bookings later than 8:45, it always means any hopes for an early night are ruined. I was gonna be in the building regardless but it still annoys me. I wanted to get downstairs to The Club to let the manager get away but I was reluctant to go down and leave the two waitress's upstairs until the last table had arrived and ordered. The 9pm booking turned up at 9:10pm. Cunts. If you can't turn up on time then don't turn up at all.
They sat down and immediately made a point of asking if Vinnie was in. As regular readers will know, I  hate name droppers. I informed them that Vinnie was not in the building and they seemed surprised. I told them that they don't need Vinnie, they have me, I'm twice as good and half the age. I took the tables order then buggered off downstairs.
Whenever I am in the club, as a rule I don't do much. I generally just stand about at the end of the bar and stare at pretty ladys. (Not in a dodgy way)
Sometimes the staff don't do much either. A couple of weeks ago the girls behind the bar got so bored they choreographed a dance routine.
If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

This past Friday, The Club was hosting a charity race night for some students. It was an easy enough night to work, and only just over 100 people in attendance. Included in the crowd was two ex staff members, Danny and Paul.

If you look in the background on the right you will see me actually doing some work behind the bar. That is the most work I did all night.

Danny and Paul appeared to be on a double date with two girls, one of which is pictured above. Being the nice guy that I am, I thought I would help them out. I gave all four of them a round of free sambucas. I of course had one myself. It would have been rude not to.

I then got them another round.

Then another.

Then some Jaeger Bombs.

I then thought it would be quite funny to see just how drunk I could get these guys. I was bored and this provided some amusement. I do very little work when I'm in The Club, so I need to do something to keep myself entertained.

I'm not sure how, but Paul seemed to be getting much, much more drunk than Danny. Perhaps Danny has developed some kind of immunity to alcohol, but Paul was blootered! So much so in fact that he seemed to lose the ability to count, as this video proves.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

Several minutes later, Paul was not feeling very well.

Silly Boy Paul.

Myself, Althea and Ivano also went out on the razz ma tazz on Saturday night, we bumped into Paul and ended up going to The Club which was hosting a Bollywood night. Check out these sweet dance moves. It's like a scene out of footloose, except to bollywood music, and really crap.

once again if you can't see the video I have posted above this text, then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

That's All For Now

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Have A Nice

Andy G

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