Friday, 6 May 2011

A Conversation with an Ex Employee


How's it goin?

Several weeks ago, I was working. It was another busy night at Vincents, and service was in full swing. It was busy, not jam packed, but busy. We were in the middle resetting the restaurant for the next sitting, and everyone was running about, a lot. Everyone except for one employee. This particular employee was in the kitchen helping herself to a bread roll. This irritated me for two reasons. 

1: We were busy trying to reset the restaurant and this waitress decided to not help out, and just stop and have a snack.

2: Staff are NOT allowed to help themselves to bread rolls.

If they want something to eat that's fine, but ask. Don't just help yourself! Someone people come to the restaurant straight from another job, and so have no time to eat themselves, that's fair enough. If a staff member comes to me ands asks for something then I will always try and accommodate them, but don't just help yourself. This particular rule was discussed at a staff meeting just three weeks prior to this incident. So this waitress had clearly decided to ignore the rules. I said to her, in a rather firm tone of voice,

"You're not allowed to eat bread roles."

Now, when your boss catches you doing something you are not supposed to be doing, you apologise and get on with whatever needs doing. This waitress did not respond in the correct manor.

"Andy, this is my first and last bread role today."

I then raised my voice to a slightly louder volume,


I then took the bread role away from her, and threw it out.

Several minutes later I was quite busy at the till, cashing off several bills, organising change, and trying to manage the staff. This waitress then approached me and told me not to talk to her like that ever again. I explained to her, that I am her boss, and she should not talk back to me, if your boss gives you into trouble for doing something wrong, you apologise and get on with your job.

Clearly this waitress disagreed with that policy, stating that:

"This is not my first job, and it won't be my last. So i'm quitting tonight."

To which I replied,

"Fine. You can pick up your wages at the end of the week. Goodbye."

After leaving the restaurant, she then sent a text message to the owner saying that I screamed at her in front of customers, I slapped her and that I am pathetic and have serious anger management issues. She offered to work the rest of her shifts for the week but refused to work with me again.

I had already covered her shifts with other, much better staff members.

This really pissed me off, she blatantly lied about what happened, and she bothered my boss, who she knew was on a night out. Is there any need?

Once I heard about the text she sent to my boss, I sent her a text of my own.

From: Andy G
To: Former Crap Employee

Good afternoon. For your information I did not slap your hand. I simply took away the bread roll you had been instructed not to eat. When your boss gives you into trouble you do not talk back. You apologise and get on with your job. At the time we were busy with reset. If you were on food and there was no food to go out, you find the duty manager and ask what to do. This has been clearly explained to you more than once. Most recently at the staff meeting. I do not have any anger management issues. I just prefer it when the staff do a they are told. This is how society works with employment. Employees follow the instruction of management. If Vinnie had told you to stop eating the bread roll, would you have had the same answer? I suspect not. 
Your "pathetic" former boss. 

From: Crappy Former Employee
To: Andy G

Glad you text me andy because I forgot to tell you to fuck off before I left and now that I have your number I have the chance I hoped I will. You did slap my hand don't lie to me cause I was there remember? Say this lie to Vinnie to keep your job. Vinnie is a nice man that would never act the way you did, you're just a sad person. Now go fuck yourself and don't text me back, had enough of u already.

From: Andy G
To: Former Crap Employee

How childish. Good bye and Good Luck.

Telling a lie to keep my job? I think not. And if she thinks that Vinnie (the owner) would be nicer to her than I was, then she really doesn't know him half as well as she thinks she does.
I very much look forward to the day that her new employer calls and asks for a reference, cos it sure as hell won't be the owners who'll be writing it.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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