Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tapas Talk


How's it goin?

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Laura which I thought I would share with you. She was having a business dinner, and it was at a Spanish Tapas Restaurant. (Sadly it wasn't Tapas Towers.) Laura had never had Tapas before, so she asked me how it worked. I explained how Tapas usually works, everything comes in small portions, and usually everyone just shares everything. I explained how the menu worked, and that it is split into three sections. Vegetarian Tapas
Seafood Tapas
and Meat Tapas.
To which she asked,
"Do they not have chicken?"

Last time I checked chicken was a meat. At least it is in Aberdeen, she is from a small village called Portlethen and maybe things are different out there in the sticks?

I also found this video made by a former staff member at Tapas Towers. It's an animation of a conversation that every staff member has had with a customer at least 200 times. For some reason the animation is set in an office, I'm not sure why. Maybe Tapas Towers are branching out?

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

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