Wednesday, 27 May 2009

First entry

Welcome to the blog of Andy G
how are you today? you look great!
well i say you look great, lets be honest you might not, and thats assuming that someone other than myself is reading the drivel im typing.
it has been suggested to me that i should keep a blog, im not sure what your meant to put in a blog so i guess il just have a blether and stop typing when i get bored. If you the reader of this blog you can stop reading at anytime, but you never know there might be something interesting coming up.
So what to write about? well i've just finished another shift at the wonderful spanish restaurant which is good enough to employ me.
i am getting sick of eating tapas all the time, the menu has changed so i get to try a couple of new things but im sure ill be bored of them in a couple of days.
It was my first day back to work after 4 days off, which were four AWESOME days off!

i had my big interview for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, i think it went well, we just basically had a chat for 45 minutes about the kind of tv i like and why i like it. I was nervous when i walked into the building and noticed everyone there looked like they were 17 but im hoping my age will be an advantage. I did bring up in the interview that obviously i am a tad older than most of the students but i do have considerable life experience, i have been living life in the outside world as a "grown up" for nearly a decade. Fortunately they don't know me very well and that nothing could be further from the truth. After the interview i met up with Ved the bosnian Magician and had a cracking chinese meal and a couple of beers before returning to our nations capital.
Friday was a return to aberdeen for me. got a lift up from the legend that is richard williams jones and crashed at my mate jonnys place . Had a few beers on the friday night and slept on jonnys couch.
Saturday was the "Home Leg" of the stag do of my good friend Mark. It was legendary. After fueling up on bacon rolls and a cup o tea at marks house, 18 of us drove down to St Cyrus (just outside Montrose) for a truly brilliant day. we started with Mini highland games, for this we split into 2 teams, The Family and The Friends. The games played were

Toss the Sheath: throwing a sack over a high bar using a pitch fork and raising the bar each time

barrel roll : rolling a barrell (with a yellow line painted thru the centre) round a sawdust track without the yellow line leaving the sawdust.

hammer throw: throwing a big hammer as far as you can

tossing the caber : tossing a caber

The haggis Shotputt: like shotputt but with a haggis

the wellie throw : where you get blindfolded spun round ten times, then you need to throw a wellie through your own legs and get it as far as possible ( its alot harder than it sounds)

Tug of war : we stood no chance at this marks family are big guys!!

it was a great afternoon of games, even tho marks family were cheating at everything.
after the games there was a packed lunch and then onto the paintball.
for this we stayed in our teams the family vs the friends, the friends i am proud to say KICKED ASS!!
it was great fun and i only got shot three times which is pretty good considering we played 6 games and some guys got shot 20 times. The friend team played particularly well, especially considering we were a person down, one of our team claimed t have an ankle injury, altho he seemed to be fine when he had to run to the car to get something. i think he was a bit scared of being shot by a paint ball after he saw someones bruise after being shot.
it really was a great afternoon
after the paint ball a bbq was put on for us and a few beers, then after getting all the tents pitched came the evenings entertainment.
Her name was Barbie, she seemed quite pissed off. she was led to believe she would be performing in a large heated marquee, not a field with a couple of tents and a bonfire. she still performed though. but only after she got all the men to strip to there boxer shorts. If anyone was driving past i can only imagine what they must have been thinking. a big fire in the middle of a field with 20 almost naked guys watching a woman take her kit off. After the show mark thought it that was it and had no idea what was coming next. We arranged for the stripper to get him into a Mankini( like what borat wore) he thought it was just for a funny picture.
We tied him to the back of a pick up truck and "blackened" him. he was covered in curry sauce, baked beans, custard, treacle, ketchup, yoghurt, mayonaisse, flour, sugar and anything else we could find. then it was time for a drive. Still tied to the truck we drove him to the nearest town (5 miles away) and paraded him for about 2o mins, we drove all over the town forming a convoy, there were 6 cars following him honking the horns. it was the funniest thing i have ever seen, The people of montrose were lovin it!! we even passed 2 police cars and weren't stopped. it was BRILLIANT. after returning to the campsite it was drinking games galore. was a fantastic night.
I really enjoyed the trip, it was great to see all the aberdeen boys again. Its really sad because a few couldn't come due to financial reasons which is fair enough, but i do miss all my friends up north. I always seem to be leaving aberdeen, even when i lived there i worked too much too everyone which is a big regret of mine. well come september im going to be loving in either in aberdeen or glasgow and if it is aberdeen then im def gonna try and make more time for my mates, im gonna be a poor student so hopefully i can get them to cook me dinner.
I can't wait for the "away leg" of the stag do to see everyone again.

bloody hell i wrote alot more than i thought i would
i wonder if anyone will actually read this bollocks?

o well off to bed now
Andy G

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