Friday, 29 May 2009

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so alot has happened in the few days since my first entry. I have promised myself that ill keep posting on this blog for no one to read except myself. but it gives me something to do at least.
it seems destiny is leading me back to Aberdeen, I received a very nice letter from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, thanking me for my interest but they are unable to offer me a place.
in other words, thanks but no thanks.
I thought the interview went well, we had a long talk about tv and i pitched my idea for a tv show to them and they seemed interested. but never mind.
So Aberdeen here i come. Although not till the end of August

My induction is on August 27th and my lease is up in edinburgh on August 18th. Being the good little restaurant bitch that i am, i told my boss i would stay until the end of august to help get through the festival, its going to be a bit mental in my restaurant in august, there is talk of keeping the kitchen open until after midnight which means we will get all the drunkards in. still the money should be good.
Im hoping to crash on a friends couch for the week after my lease ends so i don't have to pay for a B & B or something like. Then its up to Aberdeen.
The flat hunting starts now!! I am unsure about how to proceed about that. I have no idea what would be best. I would like to get a one bedroom flat in the city center but the rent plus the bills are going to be too much, my income is gonna be quite small, ill be studying full time and working part time if at all, i was considering trying to get a mortgage while im still working. I will still be employed full time for the next 3 months and the bank don't need to know im going to become a student. but to be honest i have no idea about mortgages. all i know is you need one to buy a house. due to finances i think renting is my best option and it looks like im gonna have to share, ideally with students as there will be n council tax issues then. so m gonna be scouring the internet for flats in aberdeen for the next 3 months.
The course in the college is Television operations and production HND, from the day i spent there in my interview it seemed quite good and you get a 6 week work placement which sound good, and once suitably trained you can take out the equipment and do all your own stuff. I am quite keen on this as i have written a couple of scripts now. I am glad in a way to be returning to aberdeen, there is a college in edinburgh which does the same course but i think aberdeen is a slightly better option for me. All my friends are up there, i know the city. I know the college from when i did my course years ago and i can go back to work at my old restaurant. Im sure they would have me back part time and work around my college hours.
so thats my predicament at the moment, have to find somewhere to stay in aberdeen, have to try and figure out a budget in order to survive, i need to get all my stuff back up to aberdeen.
Been thinking abut buying a car. I know that sounds stupid when i just mentioned figuring out a budget but with trying to work full time, and view flats in aberdeen and get all my stuff up there it might be worth while, especially if i get a place outside the city centre, it all depends on where i manage to get a flat, i was even thinking of getting a scooter. I once promised myself i would never drive such a thing but they are very cheap to run and if its just for getting from a flat in the suburbs to the city centre it might be a good little investment. it all comes down to the flat. So if you hear of anything let me know (as if anyone actually reads this, Andy ur a muppet sometimes).
In the short term got a lot goin on. for some strange reason i have been given today( a friday) off, its weird as i have alot of weekends off just now for the various stag do's & wedding stuff and i expected to be workin more to make up for that but apparently not. I'm not complaining tho. Its a beautiful day in edinburgh today, took a walk down to ocean terminal this afternoon and got some new shades. cleaned up the flat a bit and then might go to cinema tonight, its a cracking day off. I do feel slightly bad tho, as i know work is crazy busy tonight with big parties. o well good luck to them.
i just have to do saturday and sunday then i have my week off. I can't wait. gonna take a couple of days to chill out and relax then head up north to aberdeen to see a couple of mates and then on friday morning its the start of the away leg of the Marks Stag Do. Some idiot(not me) gave it away at the home leg, we are heading to poland for 3 days. Im really looking forward to it. Jonny the best man is organizing it and i'm sure he'll make it a weekend that will talked about until the end of time.
on that note i'm off, im starvin and there's a pizza in the oven.
have a nice
Andy G

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