Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Hows it goin? 

It's May 25th,


That means I have exactly one calender month until all my school work needs to be handed in.


I'm a bit behind and as you may have gathered by the tone of this post, I am starting to freak out a little bit.
I still need to do some shooting for my movie.
I have to put together all my paper work for my movie.
I need to put together my research portfolio.
I need to edit my movie.
I need to organise the soundtrack for my movie.
I need to write 3 scripts for factual programmes I need to make next year.

Now I realise that's only 7 things listed, but those 7 things are gargantuan!

Shit shit shit

I have been neglecting the blog lately, this is mainly due to my own overwhelming sense of apathy.
Lately I just can't be arsed and I am getting more and more stressed about school and my money situation. I am broke. I have 4 weddings this summer and I have had to pull out of going to two of the stag do's due to money problems.
Well I have decided to give myself a kick up the arse. At least with my school work. So my life is gonna become a montage of me studying hard and reading books, like in an eighties movie.

I may continue to neglect the blog a wee bit till I am back on track with school.

On a lighter note I am going on a canal boat trip for Kevs Stag do, I think I should have some kind of hat.

As most people know I do love my cowboy hat, but I don't want to risk it's safety. So I am on the look out for some kind of hat. Not just any hat, it has to be a party hat, a slightly nautical hat, a hat that will shield my rapidly balding head from the sun.

Any thoughts?

Thats All For Now

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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