Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Black 29

Hows it goin? 

I have talked a couple of times about Black 29. Anytime I go to the casino I always bet Black 29.
Black 29 is the future. It has more magical power than Paul Daniels after he's been watching Harry Potter on crack.

Black 29 was discovered by my friends Luke the magic man and Richard P. They were drunk in the casino and Luke was trying to explain the pointlessness of gambling and how Richard might as well just give him his money.
Richard was a bit drunk and determined to prove him wrong. So he put a £5 chip down on a random number.

That number was Black 29.

And it came in!

Black 29 has also won me money on several occasions. However it cannot be abused. You cannot simply go into a casino and bet black 29 every time and expect to win. But sometimes, when the planets align. You will just know it. Search your mind and you will know. You will feel it in your bones. You will know when the time is right to bet black 29!

As I have said Black 29 has quite often won me money, but occasionally I do like to share my good fortune with others.
A couple of years ago myself and a few friends were at the casino. I was at the bar and my mate Dr Kev came up to me with a frown upon his face. He had lost all his money and asked me to buy him a drink.
I felt sorry for my friend. I gave him a chip to gamble (I can't remember how much it was, I was pretty drunk) And told him to put that on black 29 and we would split the winnings. Kev looked at me with a rather large amount of doubt on his face. 
He was desperate. So he took his chip and wandered off to the tables while I stayed at the bar drinking myself into oblivion.
A couple of minutes later Kev returned with a handful of casino chips and a grin on his face.
Black 29 came in!

This is a true story. Ask Kev if you don't believe me.

Black 29, it's the future.

That's All For Now 

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Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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