Thursday, 4 November 2010

Excuse Me!


How's it goin? 

A big thank you to everyone who bought my book last week while it was discounted. I have now sold a grand total of 47 copies! Remember people, Christmas is coming, and if anyone is interested in buying in bulk for christmas presents then a discount can be arranged. 
Send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

I thought it was just friends who had been buying but apparently not.  My book was recently read by someone who is NOT FAMOUS,

Those of you on twitter should follow @RealNotFamous and see what non famous antics this person gets up to.

I am also getting some international readers, the Spanish are loving my book.


Those of you who have bought and read Fifty Envelopes will no doubt have seen the last page where I give you a glimpse at the cover of my next book, "Insert Title Here."

Don't worry I haven't been out buying more envelopes, this is a collection of 64 illustrated short stories. I am hoping to have a preview ready for sale before christmas. It is being illustrated by the very talented and truly awesome Diana Leto. I am hoping that by writing that previous sentence this will motivate her to send me the preview edition so we can start selling. 

In the mean time I thought I would give you a sneak peak at one of the stories (without illustration). This is called Excuse Me. 
And it is based on a true story.


Andy was drunk, again.

He and Gary were dancing their asses off. In their minds they were like John Travolta, in reality they were like John Goodman.

They headed to the bar. Andy downed a pint of lager, although he didn’t know why as he ordered a vodka coke. He made a mistake earlier, he had broken the seal, and now he was peeing every 10 minutes. He staggered around the club trying to find the men’s room. Eventually he saw the sign, he followed the arrow and went through the door. He somehow managed to negotiate the stairs without falling. How he did this no one knows, let alone Andy. Arriving at the bottom of the stairs bruise free, he turned the corner and bumped into someone.

“Sorry mate.” he said apologetically.

Andy did the decent thing, stepped to the side and tried to step forward in order to pass, but this idiot did exactly the same thing. They bumped into each other again.

“Shall we dance?” Andy said jokingly, trying to hide the fact he was so drunk. 

Andy then stepped back.

“After you.”  He said quite politely.

The guy didn’t move, and Andy was starting to get pissed off.

“Will you get out of the fucken way!” Andy said angrily.

At this point Gary appeared.

“Who you talking to mate?” Gary asked, confused.

“This fucken idiot here!”

“Dude that’s a mirror.”


Tomorrow I shall post the sequel to this story,

"Love In The Time Of Kebabs."

I'm sure you will all be waiting on the edge of your seat! 
It shall be posted tomorrow at the crack of noon.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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