Wednesday, 24 November 2010

my book is even cheaper!


How's it goin? 

Good news.
My book is now ever cheaper!

Since I am such a nice guy, I have reduced the price. My book is now only £5.
Yes you read that right, only £5!
Talk about a bargain!
And it gets better.
I can offer you, dear reader of this blog, 25% off for the next few days.
Christmas is coming, why not buy in bulk and give one to everyone you know for Christmas?
25% off until November 29th 2010.

Simply use discount code: CYBERUK 

So with 25% off that's only £3.75! 
That's hardly anything to pay for 172 pages of wonderfulness!

For more info on my book and for a link to the page to buy it, simply CLICK HERE.

I realised recently that I haven't done one of my trademark shitty poems for a while, so here ya go.

Christmas is coming,
the goose is getting fat.
Christmas carols you'll be humming,
I fucking hate that.
Buying presents for Mum and Dad?
How about a book that's not half bad?
I'm being nice,
and discounting my book.
Now it's low price,
you should give it a look.

If anyone is actually interested in buying multiple copies of my book the let me know and I will give you can ever bigger discount.
E-mail me

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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If you do not subscribe then you will have a truly terrible christmas, that's not my fault, I don't make the rules.

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