Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dr Kev's Retro Pub Crawl


How's it goin? 

My mate Dr Kev got married and moved to Australia a few months ago. I finally managed to talk to him on Skype a few days ago. It turns out he has received funding from his employer to stay in the country for another 3 years.
I was of course very happy for my friend at getting such good news. I must admit to being secretly disappointed as this means I won't see him for quite some time. Which is annoying. Kev can always be counted on for a couple of pints and to cook me dinner.

Kev got married to Alice on July 31st and moved to Australia just a couple of days later. So two nights before Kev's wedding, we did the only sensible thing we could do. We organised a retro pub crawl. We returned to the pubs and clubs we used to frequent when we were 18.
As regular readers will know I attended four weddings this summer, I have written up my account of the weddings and the various stag do's / nights out that surrounded all of them, but it is a hell of a lot. I may save it for a multi part blog post or put them out in a book for your reading pleasure. 
I have a great deal written about the retro pub crawl, but again it is too much for one blog post. Instead of going into great detail I thought I would share with you a couple of pics and videos I didn't even know I had. I discovered them on my phone a couple of days ago and thought it best to share them with you.

These were taken in The Priory in Aberdeen, which is well known for being shit. But this was a retro pub crawl, and we went there when we were 18 so we had to go back. We rather stupidly decided to have a "Purple Rain."

A Purple Rain is a cocktail which involves lots of alcohol, lighting said alcohol on fire, capturing the fumes in another glass, extinguish the flame, drink the drink, inhale the fumes you captured in the other glass, then snorting the residue off another glass. It's minging. Fuck knows who invented it and why. They must have been off their heads.
Here's the barmaid preparing our "Purple Rains" Or "Blue stuff which is about to be set of fire."

Kev arguing with the Barman.

Then it just got too much for Kev and Dave.

The Purple Rains!

Then Nick started a dance off with a stranger.

Then for some very unknown reason, after all of us having our purple rains and wanting to do nothing else but leave Priory. Rushton then went and bought another round. To this day no one knows why.
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  1. the 'fighting with the barman' and subsequent photo aren't even in priory!



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