Monday, 16 August 2010

A Tale of Love and Loss

Hows it goin? 
I'm pretty tired at the moment. In fact not just at the moment, I am generally knackered. I'm half way through my crazy August. I haven't worked this hard since, ever. I've also been working hard on a secret project, I'm hoping to be able to tell you more about that in the near future. Keep watching the blog for new posts, as something awesome is gonna be announced soon!

Yesterday I found a little ray of sunshine. I was working hard in the restaurant, the place was incredibly busy. I had good banter with all my customers, which is rare for me, I usually have to deal with at least one asshole. But not tonight, everyone was friendly, and a good laugh. Especially the table with two girls. Two hot girls. Two hot girls in revealing outfits. It was ace.
We were chatting away a couple of times throughout the night and we got on. After dinner the two had another drink and I had another brief chat to them about what they were up to for the rest of the evening. They said they were off out into town and asked what I was doing. I gave my automatic response of working here, no rest for the wicked. I left it at that and thought no more of it. We had a nice wee chat, but I'm a realist, they were a couple of  hotties and I was an overworked restaurant monkey who smelt like Albondigas, (Meatballs) and Fanta. (I spilt some on my shirt). No chance was this gonna go any further. Despite the scenario's that my imagination was already rampant with. No chance was one of them gonna say,
"Hey how about we go back to my place and watch Doctor Who? And by the way Doctor Who is Code for Sex! And then after wards we can actually watch Doctor Who."

No chance one of them would actually say that. But it's nice to dream. I gave the girls the bill and thought nothing more of it. They paid via credit card and I wandered off back to the exciting world of Tapas. But as I was at another table, I noticed  that the two girls seemed to be giving my the eye, both chatting to each other then looking at me.
Surely they couldn't be, yes they were. They were checking me out! All this exercise and not eating enough lately is beginning to pay off!
I noticed they were writing some on the bill. 
Then I realised what was happening!

Holy Frak!
Oh my god! 
By the Beard of Zeus!
Good Golly Miss Molly!
Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

Two hot girls were leaving me their phone number on the receipt!
This was AWESOME!
I was getting left a phone number by two hot girls!
Two girls who are hot were leaving me a phone number!
Hell Yeah!
Today is a good day!
I felt like a king.
I wandered over to say goodnight to the ladies as they were leaving.
We said our goodbyes and they left, all of us knowing that we would meet again soon. Probably for drinks at first, then clubbing, then before we know it, we are getting it on. 
The next morning would be awkward, but only until I remember her name. Then we would probably become a couple, me and my hot girlfriend!
This was awesome.
I headed back to the table where they were sitting. They left the bill on the table. The bill with the phone number written on it. The greatest piece of paper in the entire history of paper! This piece of paper was my key to the gates of paradise! My ticket on board the hot girlfriend express. This piece of paper was going to change my life. Things were looking up. Yes I'm working a lot at the moment but my new hot girlfriend would understand. She's hot, and she's awesome, of course she'll understand. And then once my work is finished and September comes around, we'll spend more time together. 
I wonder which one of them it will be. After all two girls were sitting on the table. The number could belong to either one of them. Maybe they want to share me? I wouldn't mind. I hope it's the one with the shorter hair. She was definitely the better looking one. But I'll take the other one if it's her. I'm willing to settle. I'm nice like that.
I approach the table slowly, savouring every moment of this life changing experience.
I pick up the receipt, scan down for the number. 
This is what I found on the receipt.

What. The. Fuck?
No phone number, and worse than that, no fucking tip!
I hate the public!

Thats All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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  1. Oof! No tip. That sucks.
    I feel your pain. Plus that imaginary scenario never works out for me either. What the frak!
    Good story though!



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