Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dear Mr Manager (aka envelope 4 of 50)


Hows it goin?

As some of you may know. After accidentally buying a packet of 50 envelopes, I have set myself the challenge of sending 50 letters. These letters will vary from me having a moan about something or someone, to me giving high praise about something.
The following was sent in envelope 4 of 50, I was inspired to write this after a fantastic meal in The Manzil In Aberdeen.
The letter was posted over a week ago and I have yet to receive a reply.

Dear Mr Manager of Manzil Restaurant Aberdeen.
Great news,
this is NOT a letter of complaint, in fact its quite the opposite. It's a letter of tnialpmoc (that’s complaint backwards, see what I did there?). I know what its like running a restaurant, I was manager of one for years. It's a bit crap isn't it? Sometimes you get letters of complaint and you think, why didn't you tell me this on the night you bastard? Or sometimes it’s just all bull shit! It’s a bugger isn’t it? The public really are a bunch of arseholes aren't they?
Anyway, to the point of my letter.
I recently had a visitor over from America (if you want you can read more about this on my blog My friend Sean, for some reason, seems to think he is Scottish even though he is clearly American. Don't ask my why, I don't know, to be honest I don't think he knows why. I think he just saw Braveheart once and thought "That looks cool!"
Anyway, he came over to stay for a week and I decided to introduce him to all things Scottish. We drank lots, made fun of English people and went to Edinburgh for the day.
It was early one Friday evening when the subject of dinner came up. It was then I discovered he has never had a curry. He is 24 years old and never been out for a curry!! That’s mental isn't it? Bloody Americans!
Now I will admit it has been several years since I have been to your restaurant, In fact the last time I visited it was called KURY, but I remember it being decent then, and more importantly I remember there being a buffet. I thought this would be best since my friend is a curry virgin this would give him the opportunity to sample a wide selection of dishes and figure out what he likes. Well we wandered along that eveing in the pouring rain, I was half expecting not to get a table with it being a Friday night. We entered and were greeted with a cheerful smile and were seated in the buffet area in less than a minute. I was well chuffed considering you guys were pretty busy, and I'm not surprised, your place is Awesome!
Sean was quite scared at first but we dove straight in. We had 4 trips to the buffet over the course of the evening and a trip to the dessert area. (Is that alot? I bet you see people go up more than that?)
All the food was excellent, look how happy the American is.

And the service was superb, our plates were cleared quickly and new drink orders taken promptly. I am well impressed. As I previously mentioned, I used to run a restaurant, Now I wasn't very good at that job, but you obviously are!
Both Sean and myself were so impressed we came back 3 days later on Monday night and took a couple of friends, they were also very happy with there meals.
One thing tho, on the Monday night, the waiter who was clearing us did not seem to know how to clear plates properly, he was just piling them on top of each other without scraping them in order to stack more. I suspect he may be a new member of staff. This is by no means a complaint about the man, I would be happy to come by one evening and show him how to stack plates while clearing, in exchange for a chicken balti with rice and a garlic Naan. Just an offer.
Think about it?
Just out of curiosity Mr Manager, are you the man with the moustache?
If so it is a most impressive moustache! I recently tried a new look when I shaved off my beard and attempted a couple of different moustaches. I have included pictures for you. I would be interested to hear your opinion on them?

The Handlebar

The Classic

The Hitler
What do you think?
Anyway I will stop bothering you now. Well done on having a cracking restaurant, I will most certainly be back. I understand you also deliver, even better as I am a lazy bugger. If you can deliver a whole buffet to me that would be amazing, especially considering the size of my flat. Another reason for writing this letter is I recently purchased a pack of 50 envelopes and I have set myself the challenge of writing 50 letters, I am trying to get a good balance between letters to people with me moaning and letters to people like yourself, who are awesome!
On that note Mr Manager I will leave you, again thanks for a great meal, and well done on the cracking moustache.
Have a Nice
Andy G

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