Monday, 6 December 2010



How's it goin? 

I have been censored. 

A blog post has been deleted. 

It's very emotional.

The post in question was one of my "Back To School" posts. In this particular post I wrote about some things which were perhaps misleading regarding life at the further education institute which I attend. I also implied that you would have to be a complete retard in order to fail in this institution. I also posted a video of myself and several of my class mates acting in a very unprofessional manner in class and talking about being a hermaphrodite and genitalia, and also included a diagram.

This particular post was seen by the principal of the further education institute which I attend. 
He was not impressed.
The post was then read by several authority figures in the further education institute which I attend, including my course leader.
None of these people found the post particularly amusing.

I can totally see things from their point of view. The video in particular did make it look like we were not taking our work seriously, as opposed to the 3 minutes of fun it actually was.

After speaking with my course leader, I of course took down the post immediately. I suspect he has been given a hard time because of it and the last thing I would ever want to do is embarrass him or get him or anyone into trouble.

I do not know how this particular blog post came to the attention of anyone in a position of authority in the further education institute which I attend. I am curious what would have been done if this blog were written anonymously. 

When I first started writing this blog I had no idea what it would consist of. I gave no real thought to its name or content. It was my blog so it made sense to call it The Blog Of Andy G. 

I did assign pseudonyms for my places of work as I did not want someone to google the business looking for a menu and find me bitching about them, and in retrospect I probably should have done that for CENSORED The further education institution which I attend. I do read several other blogs which are written anonymously and they are done that way for good reason. 

I started this blog as a way to practice writing as I was encouraged to do during my interview for the RSAMDBut now the blog has been a handy way to keep in touch with friends I don't see very often so they have some idea what I'm up to. Without me in their lives on a daily basis many people do start to question the point of everything.

So from now on the blog will be slightly less focused on my re-education in order to avoid any trouble. Which is a shame as that is what the point of it was in the first place. (I mean to chart my re-education, not to cause trouble) Maybe I shall start another blog, an anonymous blog about a "mature" student at Anonymous College.

Probably not though. I'm far too lazy for that. 

Plus I am an attention whore!

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.


That's All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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