Sunday, 5 December 2010

This week on Facebook: Swearing Mum's, a trouser incident, and the return of Sausage Cheese!


How's it goin?
This is what happened this week on facebook.

Cat was overwhelmingly honest.

Jeanine is clearly living in a Shrek film

Paul is a bit gay.
In his defence Edward is his new born baby boy. But still. GAY!

Martin had a trouser incident.

KP changed her profile pic, the likeness is kind of eerie.

Auton was starving!

 I played a word game.

I prove that I am a far better friend to Pete than Althea is.

Paul never did get stuck in the snow, 
just as well as I was just being polite.

I made a very stupid joke.

 Sulaiman took a break from fundraising and headed to school.
This series of comments is mainly for the benefit of everyone in my college class. I suspect you will like.

Dr Kev posted this from sunny Australia. 

It's been snowing a lot in Aberdeen and I fucking hate the snow. 
I decided to take my anger out on Dr Kev.

Dr Kev's Mum saw my comment and was not impressed. 
Sorry Kev.
Sorry Kev's Mum.
Was just in a bad mood.
I don't like the snow.

Ivano had a rant in Italian

There was much anticipation regarding
 the return of Friendly Friday

I tasted a beer that tasted just like a sausage cheese, something which I was fairly certain Alice had dreamt.

 And Dr Kev and I had a very involved discussion 
regarding our Dopplegangers.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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