Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Tale of Last Wednesday: Interchangeable Chefs, Tchuechter Weather and a very strange dinner request.


How's it goin? 

On yesterday's blog post I wrote this:

Tomorrow I have class at 1:15, but I am gonna get up early and go in at 9am. I will not be stopped! I will be productive. I will have another awesome day!

Sadly not all went according to plan.

I didn't get out of bed until around noon. I really wanted to, but I was incredibly sleepy. I was at a sleepiness factor of 14, and as any sleep expert will tell you that's near lethal levels of sleepiness.
I made it into school for 1pm. And class started at 1:15. So that's something. 15 minutes early! Well done me.

Since I had not made it in as early as planned due to life threatening sleepiness, I was going to make the most of my afternoon.  I attempted to wrangle up my production team so we could have a meeting about all our various projects and where we are all at. This proved challenging, as one person was not in class and the other ran off to go meet some actors. So myself and Scott (Who did the fantastic "The Runnin Loon") had a chat about our projects. 

My second project, a cooking show, will be filmed the following monday. However Chef Dave from Vincents is unavailable, and time is starting to be a factor in these productions. I was forced to recast. This came as a great disappointment to Chef Dave, when I told him I recast I think he was close to shedding a tear. I told him that Struan would play the character of Chef Dave and he went nuts! The only person to play Chef Dave, is Chef Dave. So Struans chef character was renamed Chef Struan. I'm good at coming up with names quickly.

My classmate Struan has been in almost everyones project so I figured he might as well be in this one too.
So it was decided he would play the chef and teach us all how to make a cottage pie in front of a camera in my kitchen at Campaworld the following Monday.

Scott's projects are also coming along nicely, he has already finished one and the next one we are going to film in the studio the following Wednesday. He is doing a scene from Macbeth, but in space!!

Should be a fun filled Wednesday afternoon.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the edit suite doing some more work for the hotel promo video I am in the middle of. Was a pretty good afternoon.

Shortly before I headed home I sent Althea a text asking what she wanted for dinner. It was my turn to cook so I thought I better ask in case I needed to pick anything up from town.
This is the response I received.

We had steak instead. It was easier.

I spent the rest of the night working on a secret project (all will be revealed soon, hopefully) and looking at some stuff on you tube. It was productive. Here are the top three things I watched.

The Tchuechter Weather Forecast

The greatest song in the world about a dentist

The A-Team opening credits, but with FRENCH LYRICS.

If you can't see any of the video's above then you really are missing out. I strongly suggest you stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

The A-Team opening credits never had lyrics in English. Why the French would chose to make some up is just another one of the many mysteries that surround their kind.
Can anyone reading all this crap understand French? Can you provide me with a translation? I am intrigued.

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time 

Have A Nice 

Andy G 

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