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The Tale Of Last Tuesday: Annoying Avid, a poor mans toaster, and the greatest t-shirt in the universe!


How's it goin?

So following on from yesterdays post about my rather good week last week. Here's what happened last Tuesday.


It's another early start for me on a Tuesday. This new timetable is not being kind to me. I am particularly proud of myself however. I made it into college for 8:30am! That's half an hour early. This may not sound overly impressive but I assure you, for me it's nothing short of a miracle. I rewarded myself with an overwhelmingly average sausage sandwich from the college canteen.

Tuesday is a day of editing. My class is in the edit suite for the entire day. This is great news as it means I don't have to rush through anything to make room for another class coming in. And the even better part is I am already a couple of steps ahead.
In late November I went to Bob's hotel for a couple of days to film a promo video for him. I haven't done much with the footage shot yet, but just before christmas I had a spare afternoon, so I went in and transferred all the footage from the camera disc to the computer and labelled everything. A process taking a couple of hours. This gave me a big advantage now in the edit class.

I logged on to Avid (the edit system we use in the college) and discovered that all my footage had been deleted!


Suffice to say I was slightly angry.
My reaction was very much an angry one.
For your benefit I have filmed a dramatic reconstruction of my reaction.
Actually I filmed two.
I am aware that my foul language can sometimes offend people, so in the following video you shall receive the PG version of my reaction, and then the real one. If foul and obscene language offends you, then please only watch the first 25 seconds.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

Fortunately I still had all the footage saved on the disc. But this was really irritating.

I then spent the next 7 hours playing around with footage and making a very rough cut.

Well, not 7 hours straight. I had a panini for lunch. And it was a crackin panini, as regular readers will know I've had some problems with Sandwich shops in the past. But I have since discovered the best sandwich shop in Aberdeen.

Upperkrust on School hill.
If you are ever in Aberdeen I highly recommend it. Tell them I sent you. They like me in there, they even bought TWO copies of my bookIsn't that nice?
Have you bought my book yet?
If not, why not? It's very good. Check out my reviews here. 

After lunch I returned to class and back to the edit. Unfortunately there are 16 people in my class, and only 15 edit suites. They are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Fortunately for me 5 people didn't turn up for class today!
Terrible behaviour though. And apparently some of them had a night out the night before.
Silly, silly boys and girls.

It was a long day in the edit suite, and by half past 4 I was desperate to get out of there. I am very grateful for the opportunity to use such fantastic equipment, but there's only so long you can sit at a computer before you go nuts! Especially with Avid. It's such a pain in the arse. I am getting better at using it but from what I am told, Final Cut Pro is a superior editing programme. Sadly I'm stuck with what the college have got. And the college do have a lot of fantastic stuff, much better than what's out there being used in the industry. So in many ways I am very lucky.

It was around 4:35pm, when I heard the ever familiar ding from my computer, informing me a new email had arrived. This was not a good e-mail.

It was from one of the Uni's I applied to.

Apparently they had not received the mini portfolio I sent them along with my application form. The mini portfolio is an online form they ask you to submit, which involves answering several questions and submitting a video of your work. I had done this over a week ago. It was now three days after the deadline.


What had I done wrong?

Fooking computers!

My reaction went a little bit, like this.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE.

The computer system wouldn't let me log back into the Uni's website in order to re submit. Oh dear. Has my university career come screeching to a halt before it has even began? (Or began again as the case may be.)
I fired off an email to the uni, explaining my situation and fortunately they allowed me to re submit. Of course this might all be a gigantic waste of time and stress as they will most likely look at the crap I sent them, and then decide i'm not fit for such a well respected University.
Which would be fair enough.

It was Tuesday evening where my day really became AWESOME.
First of all I saw this in a shop window while waiting for a bus.
Which I thought was pretty funny. I do love geeky humour.

Then it was on to glory!
I have began playing football on Tuesday nights. Nothing serious, just a bit of fun with the a few of my mates. Just in case you didn't know this dear reader, I feel I can tell you. I am shit at football. I mean proper shit. In many ways I am like someone on the teams retarded cousin who they allow to play because they feel sorry for him.  But I get to see my mates and run around for an hour, so that's always fun. But tonight, tonight was the night of nights.

Tonight I scored a goal.

In fact I scored TWO!



Then after school I got home and discovered that Ivano was cooking, so that save me a a job. I also discovered that the toaster must be broken, as Ivano appeared to be using the radiator to make toast.

And then I found my mail.
I had two truly wonderful pieces of mail waiting for me.
First I should give you some backstory on pice of mail number one.
About a year ago, I was a bit bored in class and I decided to apply to be on a game show. But not one game show. Any and every game show I could find. I applied to every game show in the UK that is currently shown. And two weeks ago I had an audition for one of them. I'm not gonna tell you which one, but this letter was in relation to that audition.


I am now on a waiting list to appear on the show. It can take up to a year to actually get a place on the show, and I don't want to write about any part of the process or name the show until I've actually been on. That way if I lose and look like an idiot you will never know. But that was a pretty awesome piece of mail to receive.

Now for piece of awesome mail number two!


Just a small note, if you don't understand this t-shirt, you are not nearly as cool as you think you are. And you are dead to me.

Everyone knows I love a good t-shirt. This newest acquisition comes from a website I discovered last week called tee fury. It's Brilliant. The site offers unique t-shirts, for 24 hours only! A different t-shirt every day. Every design is unique and every design only lasts for 24 hours. It's also incredibly cheap. Only $9. (Plus postage and packaging.) For all you fun loving t-shirt enthusiasts out there I highly recommend this fantastic website.

It was at this point that karma struck, I'd had such a great day. I was productive at school, I scored two goals, secured a place on a quiz show and I owned the greatest t-shirt known to exist. The universe had to balance itself out. Something bad had to happen to em to balance out all the good. And it did. Bad times struck me twice in the space of twenty minutes. 

Grappa The Crazy Killer Demon Dog From Hell broke my favourite glass.

It was a glass I got free because I bought 6 bottles of Blue Moon. (currently one of my favourite beers) And that little fooker of a dog had broken it. No doubt a deliberate attempt to annoy me on the part of the dog. I wouldn't be surprised if she was planning on stabbing me to death with one of the shards. I hate the dog!!

Then while we ate dinner, Althea made us watch that Gypsy Weddings show thats on BBC 3 just now.
It's fucking mental.
At one point one of the gypsy's said,
"I'm not dumb, I just can't read!"
Fooking moron. 
The good thing about this blog is, I can slag off that guy and he'll never know, as he can't read it.

Today was a pretty good day, it was by the the most productive day i've had in weeks, if not months. So I have decided, tomorrow shall be equally as awesome.
Tomorrow I have class at 1:15, but I am gonna get up early and go in at 9am. I will not be stopped! I will be productive. I will have another awesome day!

Will my tomorrow be awesome?
Find out tomorrow at the crack of noon when I tell you...

The Tale of Last Wednesday: 
Interchangeable Chefs, Tchuechter Weather and a very strange dinner request.

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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