Sunday, 3 April 2011

30 Day Challenge Day 3: A picture of the cast from your favourite TV show


How's it goin?

Another tough one for me today. I am a massive TV geek. And I am a TV Production Student, so I have to watch TV a lot. That's my excuse anyway. I decided to narrow done my options to make it an easier decision, whatever I pick must currently be on TV.
After giving it much thought I decided on The Office. (US version)

I was a big fan of The Office when it originally came out. And the american remake doesn't have that big an audience in the UK. Which is a real shame. It's really, really good. It's now a very different show from it's british parent. It's consistently funny and just been renewed for a an 8th season. Steve Carell has been playing the boss for the past 7 years, but he is leaving before the end of this season, so the internet is ripe with rumours as to who will be replacing him.

If you've never seen it I def recommend giving it a watch. Season 2 onwards is when it gets really good.

Other potential contenders for my favourite TV show were,
Doctor Who
Stargate SGU

But the first two are not currently on TV (they will be back on our screens soon) and Stargate SGU has just been cancelled. Which is just WRONG! It's fooking brilliant! Why do good TV shows keep getting killed off too early.
Bastard TV execs!

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