Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Are you good at art/photoshop?


How's it goin? 

As the title of this entry might suggest, I am looking for someone who is good at art and/or photoshop.
The picture above might give you a clue as to why.
My second book is currently being edited and I hope to have it ready to go within a few weeks. But as everyone knows, you always judge a book by it's cover!
Sadly I have the artistic skills of a drunken monkey, a drunken monkey with no hands, a drunken monkey with no hands and no eyesight. So I am looking for some help.
Can you design a cover for my new book?
There's a bit of money in it for you.
I can't pay you anything in advance, but I will pay you 10% of anything I make.
The book tells the story of the four weddings I attended last summer, and the various events surround them. It's called:

The Wedding Blogger
4 Weddings
3 Amazing Chat Up Lines
2 Stag Parties
1 Speech About A Wedding Cake

I am open to suggestions regarding the cover, so if you are good with photoshop, or you can draw, or you can use some fancy computer drawing program that I can't, then let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. And if it sells lots then you might make a wee bit of money out of it.
If you can help then send me an e-mail:

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Andy G

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