Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Behind The Scenes on D.C.A.


How's it goin?

So as the academic year comes to a close, all of my classmates are busy finishing up the edit on their final projects. Some of my class have got some really top notch films. Here is a behind the scenes look, at one of them. One in which I am one of the stars.
This film is called D.C.A. and is written and directed by the award winning Cat Napier.
Which stands for Diet Cokers Anonymous.

It's a mockumentary about a young girl who is addicted to Diet Coke. I play John Johnson, the documentary maker.

Here's a couple of behind the scenes pics

Here is Cat, playing the character of the Diet Coke addicted Caroline, in this scene she is recovering from an overdose,

This first video features a brief glimpse of a critical scene in the movie, and then Cat does her Blow Job Face.

In this second video KP demonstrates just how annoying she can be

In this third video, all manner of topics are covered, from the potential rape of KP, to Cat missing her penis, and Scott talking about what he'd like to do with some vegetables after he'd used them in a a bizarre sexual act.

While we were shooting at Cat's flat, we spotted a couple of giant dalmation dogs, Cat made me film them. Here is that film.

A critical scene in the film is when Cat's character tries to cure herself of ehr addiction by drinking Pepsi. Here is a sneak peak at that scene.

If you can't see the video above, or any of the other videos, then stop being such a mong! Stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

Cat should be finished editing D.C.A. any day now and as soon as she uploads it to you tube, I'll be sure to post it on here for you all to enjoy her very good film and my wonderful acting. I've seen an almost finsihed version fo the film, and I can confirm it's very, very good!

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