Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Behind The Scenes on Phugs


How's it goin?

Several weeks ago, on a cold spring morning, myself and a few of my classmates, headed to Duthie Park to help my friend and classmate Stephen Horne film his short film PHUGS.

Phugs stands for Perfunctory Hugs. If you don't know what perfunctory means, don't worry, I didn't either.


  [per-fuhngk-tuh-ree]  Show IPA
performed merely as a routine duty; hasty and superficial:perfunctory courtesy.
lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm; indifferent orapathetic:  
In his lectures he reveals himself to be merely aperfunctory speaker.

The film stars Stephen as a man who has never been hugged, and when he receives yet another Phug from everyone's favourite teuchter, Scott Ironside, it's just one Phug too many.

Here's a couple of behind the scenes pics:

And here's a couple of quick videos I made on the day.

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During our lunch break, the weather turned a bit crap, as it often does in Aberdeen. We couldn't film in the rain, so to fill up some time, myself and Struan had a wander through The Winter Gardens. Many years ago The Winter Gardens in Aberdeen used to be home to Spike The Talking Cactus. Sadly he has since vanished, but they do have a giant frog. Here's a video of Struans reaction to seeing it. Movie buffs should be suitably impressed at my joke at the end of this video. And if you're not impressed, you're a dick. Simple as.

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