Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dear Anonymous


How's it goin?

I received the following comment the other day, following my post entitled The interview that wasn't an interview

Anonymous comments...
Interesting that your refer to yourself as a "mature" student. Mature doesn't seem to fit. With regard to the "Applicant Day" I'm surprised that as a "mature student" you had not read the information provided on the "college that shall not be named" website which clearly expalins the format for the day. This would have given you the opportunity to choose not to go and waste so much of your money. Finally, you clearly think you are SO perfect that you can say such rude things about people you don't know. I wish I was as perfect as you. Try being nice - it really isn't that hard.

Hear is my reply

Dear Anonymous (If that is your real name.)

I apologise if I have offended you in some way. That was not my intention, I was simply having a rant about my day. Can I ask how is it that you know that the website of "the college that shall not be named" contains such information? I should point out that I did visit the website and read the invitation e-mail several times. The emphasis was clearly on a portfolio being produced and presented on the day. Clearly I wanted to attend the day regardless. My irritation started with First Transport and the ridiculous prices, and secondly at what appeared to be a lack of organisation on the part of the university I was visiting.  My tour guide did not know where the television studio was, and I got taken round various part of the university that had no relevance to myself, and the animation students got taken to the TV studio which would have been of little or no interest to them.
Also upon arrival at the university we were told to wait until 2pm for a tour. Why ask us to arrive at 1:20 if the tour was not booked until 2?
Seems rather odd.
The tour itself appeared to be disorganised, why we need to be shown round a shop and an art gallery if we are applying for a TV course I have no idea. A shop on campus is not really gonna swing it for me one way or another. We were told that the tours were being combined because not enough people had shown up, but that's not my fault. There were myself and 7 others here for the TV course, and clearly a guide had been assigned to each group. Why combine them?
We visited a couple of classrooms and the guide looked around for a teacher and couldn't find one, so we moved on. We spent a few minutes in the TV studio which was interesting, but that was it as far as my interests were concerned. I was angry at the fact that I had to be taken round various areas of the college that had nothing to do with the course I had applied for.

As for my rude comments, these were simply meant as humorous ways to describe the various people I encountered on my day. This is a blog which I attempt to make lighthearted and funny when I can. I also feel that these were accurate ways of describing these people. With regards to my description of the guide, "a cross between Charlie Chaplin and a tramp." This was by no means meant as an insult, just an accurate description based on my very limited fashions sense. In all honestly I thought he looked kinda cool.

As for you wishing you were as perfect as me, I can't say I blame ya. 

I'm very friendly.
I'm very funny.
I'm great fun at parties.

I'm a terrific singer.

A great dancer.

And a fantastic poet.
If you can't see any of the three video's above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE

In closing I would like to point out that overall I think I am quite nice. I'm nice to almost everyone, unless they are a moron. Let's face it, some people are morons. However, in general I would say I am a nice person. That's how I got my nickname, Nice Andy.

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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If you do subscribe then I shall write a poem all about you. Maybe.

P.S. It is possible that perhaps the anonymous commenter is in some way affiliated with The Educational Institute at which the interview was held. If so, despite my being grumpy about the expensive waste of my day, I am still interested in the course and look forward to hearing from you.


  1. As for you six points,

    1. You are not friendly you are a moaning faced prick.

    2. You are as funny as having surgery performed by a retarded monkey who's using a rusty spoon as a scalpel.

    3.If the party is attended by other wankers who are up their own arseholes then yes I will concede that they probably find you a good person to be at the party with.

    4,5 & 6. Your "talents" are poor at best and it is good for you that today anyone can broadcast their mediocre thoughts to the general populous,as if you actually had to be good enough to broadcast things
    any more then you would have probably gone quite mad talking to yourself in your lonely bedroom probably while masturbating on a diary of your meaningless thoughts.

    Also anyone who you consider a moron I am sure doesn't lose sleep over the fact that such a complete waste of skin and oxygen doesn't rate them.

    Lastly if any of your braindead cohorts read this probably dribbling a little, combing their beards or what ever other activities they spend their time doing while not basking in the glow of your company I'll just say if your his friend you're as big a waste of life as he is.



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