Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The stupidest thing I heard yesterday


How's it goin? 

Yesterday I went to the gym with my Dad. Yeah. I know. It's mental. And he kicked my arse. Literally.
Not literally. 
But he really out did me at all things gym.

He can run faster, and longer, and better than me. This simply will not do.
Surely I am meant to be younger, stronger and faster.
Hmm. I must remedy this. Soon.
But that's beside the point.
After the gym I was getting a lift home when Althea text saying Ivano was going to get us all a chippy for dinner. Having just been to the gym I decided that a chippy would be a bad idea. So I stopped off past the Tesco round the corner. I don't frequent Tesco very often these days. Not since The Incident.
But it was the closest place to me. It was busy, it's just a small shop in a petrol station but it has a decent amount of food. But it was busy. Very busy. Full of students. There is a lot of student accommodation nearby. So this Tesco must be over run with them at times.
Anyway, I was making my way down the bread isle, like you do. And a student girl and her friend, (Who looked a bit like sporty spice from the spice girls.) were struggling to get some bagels as they were on the top shelf. They asked some guy to get them down, but he just ignored them and walked off. Being the gentlemen I am, I of course grabbed the bagels off the top shelf to help the poor girl out. She said thank you and walked on. As the two of them walked away, I overheard a conversation. A conversation I felt obliged to share with you dear reader.

Student Girl
These don't look very fresh do they?

Sporty Spice Looking Student
Not really.

Student Girl
Why is it so hard to get good bagels in this country?

Sporty Spice Looking Student
(Speaking in a very condescending tone)
Well obviously, because we're not in France are we? Duh!

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time

Have A Nice 

Andy G

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