Monday, 7 March 2011

Shooting The Shit


How's it goin?

School has been pretty busy lately.
I've got four major films to do this year.
A three minute wonder.
A pet hate.
Induction Day.
And my main feature.

Here's a little update on how I'm doing for anyone who cares.

My three minute wonder was the hotel promo for Bob's hotel. It's nearly finished. All the shooting is done. Just need to get the right music, get the voiceover done, get some publicity photo's from Bob and chuck in a few nice fades and dissolves to make it look a bit sexy.
Once the voiceover is done and the photo's arrive it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to put together. We had a great time making the video, and I can only hope that the video is good enough to be shown on the hotel's website. My classmate Scott Ironside made a fantastic making of video, which currently is only available on facebook. I'll annoy him enough eventually to get it onto you tube for easier access for everyone. But you can watch it through my facebook, if you are lucky enough to be facebook friends with me. Which the seven on you reading this you probably are.

Here's a few pics taken on location.

My next project was meant to be a short film about a pet hate.
Everyone knows I already hate my pet. And there's a well known saying,

"If your dog is evil, kill it! KILL THE DOG! KILL THE DOG! KILL THE DOG!!"

However that's beside the point, the well known saying in this instance is,
"Never work with children or animals, they are a pain in the arse."
I added the last bit, but it's true.
So for my pet hate, I decided to change the idea slightly, and I made a cooking show. It's called Cooking With Struan. And in it, Struan makes a cottage pie. Between us, Struan and I wrote the script. Well I wrote a boring script. Struan improvised a much better one. And I amalgamated the two. Yeah I just used the word amalgamated. How about that? How wordy am I today eh? CLICK HERE for definition of amalgamated.
Here's a couple of pics from shooting.

This was filmed on location at Campaworld a few weeks ago. I'm nearly finished editing it. Just waiting to get approval for some music, and then it shall be released upon the interweb.

For one of our assessments all of the class has to do an induction video for the college. We are all given a brief outline of what is required and a script which we are meant to stick to. I decided to change mine slightly.
I am doing Robins induction day. He has decided to leave the bright lights of Gotham City and move to the Northern lights of the city in which the higher educational institute which I attend is located. 
Basically it involved Struan running around the higher educational institute which we attend, dressed as Robin. He seemed very keen at first. But then came, attack of the chavs. People constantly asking "Where's Batman?" in an attempt to be funny. At one point someone actually shouted "Puppy Power!" I asked how that was relevant as Scrappy Doo was no where to be seen.
I think this was probably the best day at the higher educational institute I attend, since I started. I basically got to film my friend running around all day dressed as Robin.
Good times.
I am quite sad really.

Here's a little video of a chat I had with the Boy Wonder himself.

If you can't see the video above then stop reading this crap on facebook and CLICK HERE
As for my main feature, it's coming along nicely. Well I say nicely. I haven't actually shot any of it yet. But the script is done, and it's looking alright. I think. It's a series of 5 short stories set within a fictional university. I should point out it is entirely fictional. Honest. It's got stories of awkwardness, stupidity, unrequited love, depression, and a drunken slob by the name of Andy G.
Yes, in one section of my film there is a character called Andy G. I have been looking long and hard for an actor versatile enough to play Andy G. I need someone, handsome, charming, intelligent, funny, talented and all round magnificent.
To cut a long story short I have cast myself in the role.
It seems like the role I was born to play.
It also means that I don't have to rely on other actors limited availability.
Shooting for that will hopefully start within a couple of weeks, but I'm pretty busy at the moment finishing off the films I've already made. Plus I have an interview for a Uni in Edinburgh next week, and another one in April. For which I'm meant to have a show reel ready asap. Plus all the paper work for all these films, plus reading up on some technical stuff for my work experience placement.  But instead I'm sitting at home writing all this crap.
Gotta go.

That's All For Now

Until Next Time

Have A Nice

Andy G

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