Sunday, 13 March 2011

Anonymous Abuse


How's it goin? 

I just received the following e-mail.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Dear Anonymous": 

As for you six points,

1. You are not friendly you are a moaning faced prick.

2. You are as funny as having surgery performed by a retarded monkey who's using a rusty spoon as a scalpel.

3.If the party is attended by other wankers who are up their own arseholes then yes I will concede that they probably find you a good person to be at the party with.

4,5 & 6. Your "talents" are poor at best and it is good for you that today anyone can broadcast their mediocre thoughts to the general populous,as if you actually had to be good enough to broadcast things
any more then you would have probably gone quite mad talking to yourself in your lonely bedroom probably while masturbating on a diary of your meaningless thoughts.

Also anyone who you consider a moron I am sure doesn't lose sleep over the fact that such a complete waste of skin and oxygen doesn't rate them.

Lastly if any of your braindead cohorts read this probably dribbling a little, combing their beards or what ever other activities they spend their time doing while not basking in the glow of your company I'll just say if your his friend you're as big a waste of life as he is. 

Posted by Anonymous to The Blog of Andy G at 13 March 2011 17:18

Well, what can I say?
I am curious as to what I have done to make you hate me so? The last time I dealt with abuse such as this, it was from loyal chav customers of The Amusingly Named Sandwich Shop. 

I can't think of anything I've done lately to piss anyone off. Perhaps you would like to renounce your anonymity and meet me in person in order to discuss our differences? I doubt you will do that, as you are clearly a coward. I suspect it is also you that is DISLIKING all my you tube video's. Do you not have anything better to do with your time? That's a bit sad isn't it?

If I might address the 6 points you had for me.

1: Yes I am friendly. Very friendly in fact. I'd even be your friend if you like.

2: I'd like to think I'm funny. Perhaps my humour isn't to everyones taste, perhaps some people find me an annoying bastard. But overall I'd say I'm amusing at least. I must say that your insult here was very good. I am impressed. You have also narrowed my list of suspects for your identity, it was far too witty a jibe for some of the people on my list to come up with. Congratulations on that.

3: I am not up my own arse. The comments I made in my previous entry regarding my redeeming qualities were meant to be taken in a humorous manner. I am far from perfect, and who isn't these days? I also find it completly unnecessary to insult my friends in such a manner. Are you perhaps jealous as you have very few friends? Don't worry, perhaps once you reveal your identity we can be friends? 

4, 5 & 6: You are correct in saying I'm not overly talented, this is something I have said more than once about myself in the past on this blog. Can I ask what are your talents? Apart from insults, these were impressive, I look forward to receiving more. You are correct that people who I consider morons probably don't lose sleep over that fact. Mainly because they are blissfully unaware of their own moronity. They say that ignorance is bliss, and I know several happy people. Plus, what do they care what I think? And for that matter, why do you? Why do you send me such abuse? Is there something missing in your life? Are you so sad that you must spend your time disliking my youtube videos and writing abusive emails to me? Seriously, take a long hard look at yourself, maybe get a hobby? Go to the gym and work some of your anger out there. Maybe switch to decaf?
If you do have the courage to reveal your identity, (which I doubt you will) then I would love to meet up for a Caramel Latte and have a lively debate about our differences.

I look forward to hearing from you, I suspect you will e-mail me again as you appear to be developing an obsession with me, who's the waste of life now? The wanker with the blog? Or the wanker who e-mails the wanker with the blog?

That's All For Now 

Until Next Time

Have A Nice 

Andy G

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  1. I think you're funny G and if being your friend makes me an arsehole then I'm an arsehole. Also, if 'anonymous' gives enough of a toss to write all of that then at least what you are saying is interesting. And if it isn't, then they should piss off and not read your blog.


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